Our Values


Three partners - Two elements. When the three of us where thinking about as how it might be possible to connect usefulness with the aesthetical, it became rather quickly obvious, that the materials we were going to be using, would have to come from a natural origin. Even though the two main materials metal and wood (latin: lignum) we use contrast each other, we have never the less put them into the focus of our work. We also have derived our name from this combination: MetalLignum.

At the beginning...

there was an idea. We wanted a genuine design made from natural materials. No nut or bolt, no screw or cable should have a reason to hide itself. We generally call this kind of style IndustrialDesign.

Wood, copper or warm light emitting LED bulbs that are used by us, emit as a whole a cosy, homely ambience. By doing so they even add to creating a relaxing atmosphere. This balance, having a busy industry style on one hand and a relaxing radiance on the other, is something we truly love and want to be involved in.


It is our aim and concern to manufacture products that are made from natural materials. It is therefore meant that our carefully assembled products have a long lifespan. At the same time we see it as our obligation that we, if possible rather repair a product and let it shine once again, instead of discarding valuable recources. We oppose the fast pace of product cycles and the ever increasing velocity humanity is forced to cope with. Solidly crafted by hand and timeless aesthetic.


We care about sustainable yet individual production. manufacturedideas is nothing less than the hand crafted realisation of ideas that our customers have and at the same time it is these ideas that inspire us. Every single product is created after our customer has ordered it. Completly and individually made according to the imagination of our clients as far as it is technically feasable and possible. We thrive on a challenging project and together with you, we enjoy creating something new and fascinating. Also our program YourChoice was purposely created to enable our products to be adaptable.

Part of the whole

For us sustainability does not stop at our environment and the ecosystem, but also includes a fair and social interaction with friends of our company. Customers, suppliers and state-run institutions, they all interact and are part of what we see a whole. This having said, means for us that we are partners on an equal footing with a common goal.

The Founders


Ruud is an electrical engineer and all the way what is known as a 100% passionate craftsman. Putting all his creativity into new products and at the same time not loosing his view on the practical side of things.


Sales and marketing are passionatly performed by Hanna. She is always on the move, searching across the world for new ideas and things that promise to have potential. At the same time she keeps in close contact with our partners.


During the foundingphase of our company, Reiner was and still is the administrative genius behind us. Nowadays he is the one that always had good advice.

Speaking about Lamps...

colloquially or generally people often speak about table, floor and hanging lamps. At this point, we would like to clarify: A lamp is normally known to be the light source that emits light and fills a room with it's brightness.

...and Luminaires

A Luminaire, or a lighting fixture is the complete assembly that distributes, filters or changes the light and holds perhaps even protects the lamp. At MetalLignum you will naturally find designluminaires but equally of course designlamps.

About Cables...

Cables, just as wires conduct a power current and yet there is a significant differance between them. Cables are being put into the ground or placed on the bottom of the sea and are therefore more robust and most of the time invisible when performing theire purpose.

...and Wires

Wires however, can be found in your living space, often flush-mounted, sometimes visible when connecting to a junction box. Also and of course are wires to be found at all electrical appliances. Wires are naturally less robust than cables.